OSCAR demographic error


When entering a demographic (patient), it is possible to enter a blank effective date. This will cause the display to error.

You can use the following mySQL commands to repair the record:

Open a terminal session.
(You enter the stuff after the $ or > )

$mysql -uroot -pyour-mysql-password
The system should display "Enter password:"
Enter your mySQL administrator password.

The system will display a welcome message followed by the mysql> prompt
mysql> use oscar_mcmaster ;

The system will take a few minutes to load the table and column names from the database.
To view the existing demographic information, type:
mysql> select demographic_no, last_name, first_name, eff_date from demographic ;

If you type it correctly, you should see a list of patients and the eff_date data.
If you want to change a specific patient, type:
mysql> update demographic set eff_date = '2009-01-31' where demographic_no = 2 ;

To exit, type:
mysql> quit